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Color Blocking

Posted in Color by Arcadia on June 5, 2011

Looking through Kelly’s blog got me thinking a lot about color.  One of the quickest ways to draw a customer’s eye to your work or into the store is through the use of color.  It’s a known fact that we as humans are attracted to color!  This is a skill I tell my students to take seriously.  Most art schools devote entire classes to just color alone, because the subject is too vast to cover in a day’s lesson plan, but yet the only way to really acquire the skill of being able to coordinate colors is by doing it.  In my opinion this is a skill you never master, you are continually learning and exploring the various uses of playing with colors.

There are a few standards we follow in merchandising, such as we hang clothes from light to dark, we put complimentary colors together, or we’ll stick with one color for a monochromatic look, but for the most part color rules are being broken when designing a display.  I can not encourage you enough to study up on this topic, not only in books, but by observing the world around you!

(image via: latest fashion trends)

(image via: We ♥ it)

(image via: Mixed Plate)

(image via: National Geographic)

(I’ve had this image in my computer for some time, I forgot where I found it)


Fall Trend 2010- Colors

Posted in Color by Arcadia on August 30, 2010

Since our previous post featured the fall fashion trends, here is a list from Pantone on what the fall color trends will be:

Click here for to download s PDF booklet of their fall fashion 2010 color report

A handy booklet to have when thinking of what colors to incorporate into your displays this fall.

Colours in Cultures

Posted in Color by Arcadia on May 5, 2010

I’ll be honest, I don’t find this chart that user-friendly, but I like it’s message.  Color is such an important part of our work, it is helpful to know the meaning colors convey in different cultures.  I found this on Information is Beautiful via Jezebel.

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Color Theory

Posted in Color by Arcadia on February 15, 2010

Color Theory is one of the hardest things for me to teach, because it’s a huge topic that can’t be completely covered in three hours.  I tell my students I could hold a separate class just on color alone, in fact there are classes just for color!  Paperleaf has a color theory poster you can print out for free.

This reference poster contains:

  • The Basic Color Wheel
  • Passive  v.  Active Colors
  • Cool  v.  Warm Colors
  • Subtractive  v.  Additive Color
  • Color Types
  • Color Relationships
  • Meanings attached to colors
  • Basic terms pertaining to color

There are various sizes of this poster you can print out.  I would recommend it not only for my students but for any design professional.

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