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Color Theory

Posted in Color by Arcadia on February 15, 2010

Color Theory is one of the hardest things for me to teach, because it’s a huge topic that can’t be completely covered in three hours.  I tell my students I could hold a separate class just on color alone, in fact there are classes just for color!  Paperleaf has a color theory poster you can print out for free.

This reference poster contains:

  • The Basic Color Wheel
  • Passive  v.  Active Colors
  • Cool  v.  Warm Colors
  • Subtractive  v.  Additive Color
  • Color Types
  • Color Relationships
  • Meanings attached to colors
  • Basic terms pertaining to color

There are various sizes of this poster you can print out.  I would recommend it not only for my students but for any design professional.

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