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Syllabus for Fashion 49 – Visual Merchandising

Posted in Class Syllabus, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on February 12, 2010

Objective: This course is to give students a hands-on approach to visual merchandising, through the use of lectures, field trips, group projects, and guest speakers.

Supplies: There is no textbook required for this course; but most class lectures will be pulled from Tony Morgan’s book –Visual Merchandising: Window and in-store display for retail.  Each student should be ready to spend at least $80.00 during the course of the semester for the purchasing of props and other supplies as needed for group display projects.

Attendance: Since most of the assignments for this course are completed in class (group projects), it is important that you attend class!  There is no way to make up missed projects.  You are allowed two unexcused absences – anymore will affect your grade by a full letter.

Field Trips and Store Studies: There will be one field trip this semester to Westfield Mall.  There will be a written analysis due the week following this trip.  Attendance and the reports are mandatory.  Each week you will have a store study assignment to complete.  Visit any establishment and answer the assigned questions.  This is a Credit/No-Credit assignment and counts for 25% of your grade.  No store study is required the week of Spring Break.  I DO NOT accept late assignments. If you do not turn in an assignment the day that it is due you will not get credit.

Group Projects:  You will be divided into teams of six to eight depending on number of students in class.  You will complete group projects in various themes using the display areas that merchandisers work with, such as windows, walls, cubes, tables, and shelves.  This semester there will also be a group assignment on professional businesses outside of class.  This assignment will be in collaboration with Wells Fargo Bank and their Renovation/Design Event!

Exams: There will be no mid-term exam, but you will be given a mid-term grade based upon your assignments completed to that point.  There will be a final exam on the last day of class, based on what you have learned during the semester.  Depending on how quickly group objects are accomplished, we will have a review in class or I will send you home with a study sheet.

Grades: Your grades will be based upon your attendance, class participation (group projects), Store Studies, and the final exam.  This class gives a letter grade using the school’s standard grading system.

You will also grade you fellow students who share in your group projects.

Suggested Reading: Visual Merchandising: Windows and In-Store Displays for Retail, by Tony Morgan – Laurence King Publishers, 2008

Window Display: New Visual Merchandising, by Tony Morgan – Laurence King Publishers, 2010

Silent Selling, by Judith Bell and Kate Ternus – Fairchild Publications, Inc. 2006

If you attend class regularly, participate in all discussions and projects you should do very well in this class!

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