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How to tie a bow tie

Posted in Fashion 49, Fashion 54A, Learn from the Pros by Arcadia on December 29, 2012

Now that the holidays are upon us, everyone is getting dressed up in their finest to attend a slew of festivities, for men that usually means donning a tie of some sort.  Here’s the best tutorial I’ve found that gives a clear lesson on how to tie a bow tie.

We ladies may not wear a bow tie as often as men (I have been known, but it’s good to know in case you ever need to tie one on a model, mannequin, or bust-form.

Happy Holidays!

Posted in Fashion 49, Fashion 54A, Fashion Styling by Arcadia on December 28, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate that holiday) and here’s to a fantastic new year!

It’s been an amazing year for me and I can’t express how grateful I am to all of you, especially my students.  I have never cried in front of a class but this past semester my fashion styling students brought me to tears.  Your kind words were too much for my little heart to bear ♥!

This class was such a hit, the department chair has asked me to teach it again in the spring (it is usually only offered once a year), and it is already filling up fast.  I’m allowed to take 59 students and last time I checked I was already at 52 (FASH 54A – Beginning Fashion Styling).

I will also be teaching visual merchandising again this spring.  This class is also filling up fast, with a class cap at 59, my current enrollment is 47 (FASH 49 – Visual Merchandising).  If you are new to this blog, these classes are offered in the Fashion Department at City College of San Francisco, as part of the Fashion Merchandising degree of Fashion Styling certificate.

I know I don’t post as often as I should around here, work does take a huge amount of my time…I do post on my tumblr daily.  It’s called the Fashion Teacher.  I’m fairly new to tumblr and had no idea I would become so addicted to it, even more so than my Pinterest.  I guess it makes sense, we are after all very visual people and tumblr allows us to express that quite easily.

Wishing you the VERY BEST in 2013!

A mannequin Christmas tree!

FASH 54A: A fashion editorial from an advanced student

Posted in Fashion 54A by Arcadia on December 28, 2012

Here’s a final class project from one of my former students in the advanced fashion styling class (FASH 54B).

The title of this editorial is called “Fallen Angels”.  Her concept/mood board is based on the movie SEVEN, thus this editorial features the seven deadly sins.  Her target market is Rolling Stone Magazine.  She wanted this fashion spread to be dark and edgy. She did all the location scouting, model casting, fashion styling and pre/post production herself.  She did hire a team for hair/MUA and photography, and she had friend write poems to go along with each sin.

Angela I am so proud of you and I think you did a wonderful job on this!

Fallen Angels




















Special Thanks to her team:

  • Freelance Photographer: Carlos Chavarria
  • Graphic designer: Carla San Roman
  • Poet: Melissa Owen
  • Makeup artist and hairstylist: Megan Landry
  • Models: Sarah Baraka and Malcolm Moore
  • Location: Kozy Kar (1548 Polk St, San Francisco CA)
  • Special thanks go to Matty Knuth (Kozy Kar’s GM)


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