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The Fall Trends 2010

Posted in Fashion Styling by Arcadia on August 30, 2010

Fall is here, I’m not talking the season, as in outside weather, I’m speaking in terms of fashion.  So to repeat fall is here, evident by all the lookbooks, and magazines that have been crowding my mailbox of late.

These books are our bibles and a very useful tool as we get an idea of what the fashion merchandisers have been viewing at all the shows.  Remember students it’s our job to take what the buyers give us and make it look spectacular.  You may not be a “trendy” person, per se, but it is your job to follow and interpret the trends for the consumer, regardless if you like them or not!

Truth be told most of us aren’t “trendy” and to be called that would probably offend, we’re more of the mavericks, yet we follow trends when called upon.  Last S/S season Lagerfeld sent all his models down the runways in clogs, all the magazines featuring Chanel editorials also used clogs.  So the smart visual trimmer would’ve styled his/her mannequin in clogs if they were doing a Chanel display and not cowboy boots!  Yet get what I’m saying?

This is not to crush your own ideas or prevent you from putting your spin on things, just making sure you don’t incur the wrath of a fashion buyer who doesn’t see their stuff prominently displayed!

What I’m seeing as the fall trends:

  • faux fur
  • the color camel, and all of its variations: taupe, toffee, beige
  • the 50s, and anything ladylike: structured bags, kitten heels
  • black is back, and red too
  • loafers are being worn again: high heels and low
  • pant suits
  • knits: sweaters and skirts
  • I’m seeing that olive military coat everywhere and splashes of leopard print accessories

Here are a few looks from the A/W runways of Milan and Paris.

(images via: Tais-toi, sois beau, translated it means “shut up, look pretty”)

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