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Trend Areas: Ballet

Posted in Trend Areas by Arcadia on March 3, 2011

Recently we spoke about trend areas in class and what they are in relation to the store.

A trend area is an in-store area that highlights what is popular at the moment.  They are more elaborate than just your typical interior display because you hope the customer will be inspired enough to actually shop from this mini-shop that you’ve created.  I’m sure last month you saw all the trend areas in stores featuring “Valentine’s Day” items, and no doubt “Easter” and “Springtime” are starting to pop-up.

Another trend area I’m starting to see every where is focused around the theme of The Ballet.  I’m sure the popularity of the movie Black Swan has been the biggest influence.

When you create your trend area remember to place more emphasis on the product and not so much on the props.  Of course you want a pleasing display to give the customer some ideas on the merchandise, but remember you are creating a mini-shop that has all the products right there to make it easier for the customer.

Sticking with the current trend, The Ballet: some retailers have pulled together, soft pink cashmere sweaters – that wrap around, ballet flats, floaty skirts, tights, skirts with feathers, tulle petticoats, anything that evokes the feeling of the ballet.  Your display could feature a mannequin in an actual ballet costume or you could use tutus in an inventive way, an opera chair with pointe shoes dangling from the chair’s back, with a large bouquet of red roses strewn across able (the prima ballerina always gets flowers at the end of her performance!).

I found this photo a month ago on Vogue.co.UK. The store is actually Benetton!

This is the actual costume worn by Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan.  It was on display at Arclight Hollywood.

Have fun with your ballet shops and don’t worry too much about getting it right because “Everything is beautiful at the ballet” (Song from Broadway’s – A Chorus Line)

(images via: Vogue.co.uk and Hollywood Movie Costumes)

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