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Happy Holidays!

Posted in Fashion 49, Fashion 54A, Fashion Styling by Arcadia on December 28, 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate that holiday) and here’s to a fantastic new year!

It’s been an amazing year for me and I can’t express how grateful I am to all of you, especially my students.  I have never cried in front of a class but this past semester my fashion styling students brought me to tears.  Your kind words were too much for my little heart to bear ♥!

This class was such a hit, the department chair has asked me to teach it again in the spring (it is usually only offered once a year), and it is already filling up fast.  I’m allowed to take 59 students and last time I checked I was already at 52 (FASH 54A – Beginning Fashion Styling).

I will also be teaching visual merchandising again this spring.  This class is also filling up fast, with a class cap at 59, my current enrollment is 47 (FASH 49 – Visual Merchandising).  If you are new to this blog, these classes are offered in the Fashion Department at City College of San Francisco, as part of the Fashion Merchandising degree of Fashion Styling certificate.

I know I don’t post as often as I should around here, work does take a huge amount of my time…I do post on my tumblr daily.  It’s called the Fashion Teacher.  I’m fairly new to tumblr and had no idea I would become so addicted to it, even more so than my Pinterest.  I guess it makes sense, we are after all very visual people and tumblr allows us to express that quite easily.

Wishing you the VERY BEST in 2013!

A mannequin Christmas tree!

Article: Fashion Chairs

Posted in Fashion Schools by Arcadia on May 11, 2012

Here’s a wonderful article from the San Francisco Chronicle, interviewing all the ladies who run the fashion departments at San Francisco’s top design schools.  My boss Diane Green is in the article as well!  The article not only focuses on what the schools offer, but I like that Sylvia Rubin asked about the influence social media and fashion reality TV is having on our industry.

Diane Green, CCSF Department Chair of Fashion


[images via SF Gate/Russell Yip]

Visual Merchandising Classes

Posted in Fashion Schools by Arcadia on July 14, 2011

For those of us on a school schedule, summertime is usually when things get a little slow, as school is out.  It’s a great time to sit back and plot your next move, which usually includes getting a job or more school.

A question I get asked A LOT is where can one go to get training in Visual Merchandising.  [Shameless plug →]: Well if you are in San Francisco, you most definitely should take my class at City College – FASH 49, it’s only offered in the spring :).

But for those of you in other places I’ve complied a list of schools I would recommend (this is in no particular order):

1.  Of course I have to recommend Academy of Art University, since they are located right here in San Francisco, and many of the students in our fashion department transfer to this school.  It’s a wonderful institution, I’ve actually hired a student from their graphic design program to design my company logo!

2.  Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising or FIDM as we call it.  A friend of mine taught in their Interior Design Department here in San Francisco, he loved it!  They have locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

3.  This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Parsons The New School for Design!  It’s located in New York with a formidable list of graduates.

4. Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is another fashion powerhouse, with famous graduates.  It’s part of New York’s state university school system.

5.  I was surprised to discover Oregon State University had a thriving fashion program and degree in Merchandising Management.  Keep in mind their visual merchandising class is tied into a larger program, as with many of the other colleges.

6.  Central St. Martins in London – enough said!

7.  Don’t be fooled this school’s location – Ohio – Kent State University is a great school!

8.  Savannah College of Art and Design looks lovely.  Their visual merchandising class is FASM 425 and its titled Visual Merchandising Communication for Fashion – fancy!  This school is located in Savannah, Georgia.

9.  Got nine months to do nothing but immerse yourself in visuals in Florence,Italy – then definitely check out Polimoda!

10.  LIM College is one of the very few fashion schools that focuses solely on the business of fashion and not design.  This school offers a degree in visual merchandising:  Bachelor of Business Administration in Visual Merchandising.

This list is in no way exhaustive, I’m sure there are many other schools out there I’ve missed, but what I tried to focus on are the schools that offer visual merchandising programs.  There are a myriad of fashion schools but keep in mind most of them focus on fashion design, textile design, jewelry, millinery, etc….not really merchandising.  I wanted to highlight the schools that offer programs in our field.

Good luck!

“It has been said 80% of what people learn is visual”Allen Klein, (An American businessman)

(image via: Fashionista)

Welcome Class

Posted in Fashion 49 by Arcadia on January 28, 2011

Welcome to the new semester of Fashion 49 – Visual Merchandising.  Most students tend to think this class is all about “doing windows”, while we will touch on that, the main focus of this class is to prepare you for the wonderful of visual merchandising as a whole – not just the windows but the entire store!

I look forward to working with each of you, as I must admit this is my favorite class to teach (and I’m not just saying that)!  I’ve been doing displays since the age of 17 when my first boss, Debra at Contempo Casuals make me the “visual girl”.

I’m going to try to keep the information up-to-date and post items that we covered in class, bear with me if I get a little behind as I do teach a bunch of other classes in the Engineering and Construction departments (see how far you can go with a design background!).

See you Saturday!

ps: for those of you who have written in and asked, this class is held at City College of San Francisco, and yes it is already full

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