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Welcome Back!

Posted in Uncategorized by Arcadia on January 27, 2012

Hi All,

I’ve been feeling so guilty because I haven’t posted in a while, especially since I’ve acquired quite a few new subscribers!  I haven’t abandoned my blog :), in fact I should be back to posting soon, as my new visual merchandising class began last week (I have 50 eager students – I’m sooo excited).

My assistant AND accountant have been on an extended vacation since the holidays, so I’ve been left to fend for myself, in my business and classes, and it’s been a tad bit overwhelming.  I didn’t realize how much I relied on my help until I lost it.

I hope you are all are doing well!  Thanks as always for supporting my blog and hanging in there with me!



Welcome and Thank You

Posted in Uncategorized by Arcadia on October 15, 2011

I want to say thank you to all my subscribers!  I started this blog as a way for my students to keep track of what we discussed in class and now it has blossomed into something bigger, thanks to all of you.  I’m so grateful and I sincerely hope you find the information I post here informative.

Some of you have written me with questions around research papers you are doing for school, and I am more than happy to answer your questions and help in any way I can.

Thanks for reading!

Arcadia M.



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