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Posted in Fashion 49, Window Lessons by Arcadia on March 1, 2010

Let’s talk about windows for the next few posts, especially since this blog is called I Do Windows, I figured I finally better get those lesson plans up here!

There are bad store windows:

and there are good store windows:

(these cakes are all made from paper!)

Stores use windows as a sales and advertising tool.  Whether they are large like a department store or simply small, a well dressed window display not only attracts shoppers but also enforces the retailer’s image.  This is the one marketing tool you don’t have to pay extra for, because they are a part of the store’s architecture.

Whatever reason you use to create your windows there are a number of things you have to consider:

  1. The type of window
  2. The best way to group merchandise
  3. The use of a theme
  4. The use of props, lighting, graphics, and signage

The size of the window you have to work with will affect what you can achieve.  There are two types of windows, closed windows and open back windows.

Closed Windows: You find these most often in department stores.  They resemble a room, with three solid walls and an entry door.  They are the most fun to dress!

You really need to sit down and plan these types of windows well as they can become “showstoppers”!  They often times require lots of merchandise and props to fill them up.

From the customer’s viewpoint you really only have to pay attention to the front because they can only be seen from that angle.

Open Back Windows: These windows have no back wall, but may have side walls.  Some retailers prefer them because they let in lots of natural light and they make the interior of the store visible from the outside.

You have to pay attention to all the angles when dressing this type of window because they can be seen from all sides, both inside and outside the store.

Customers also have access to this type of window (meaning they can walk up and touch the display), since it is not enclosed in a room.

Here are a few other windows you may come across: Angled Windows, Corner Windows, Arcade Windows, and Shadow Boxes

Discuss This Display: Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted in Discuss This Display by Arcadia on February 14, 2010

I hope you have a very special and love filled day today!  Here’s a Valentine Day display for you to analyze.  Is it a good display or not?  Discuss……

Visual Merchandising by Tony Morgan

Posted in Book Reviews, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on February 5, 2010

Class as you are well aware, I am using Tony Morgan’s book Visual Merchandising, Window and in-store display for retail, as the guide from for my lesson plans.  I do not require you to buy it, but I highly recommend this book for its thorough explanation of visual terms and standard practices.  It’s also the best way to catch up in class if you are ever absent.

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