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Class Syllabus – FASH 54A Beginning Fashion Styling

Posted in Fashion 54A by Arcadia on August 22, 2012

[A more detailed syllabus with the class calendar is handed out in class, this is just a reference for those who lose that!]

Objective: The objective of this course is to give you an introduction to the world of fashion styling – The Fashion Industry’s Unsung Heros.  This course will utilize a hands-on approach through lecture, guest speakers, and group projects.

Supplies: During week 3 each student will be given a list of items that every stylist carries in their kit.  You will be expected to assemble your kit and bring it to class for grading.

Required Textbook: Photo Stylist by Susan Linnet Cox (written by a really experienced stylist!)

Recommend Reading:

  • Stylist – New Fashion Visionaries by Katie Baron  – a coffee table book I highly recommend.  It’s a compilation of the true who’s who in styling.
  • Styling by Jacqueline McAssey and Clare Buckley
  • Secrets of Stylists by Sasha Charnin Morrison – for those who aspire to be the next Rachel Zoe or June Ambrose
  • Mastering Fashion Styling by Jo Dingemans  – written by a teacher with lots of exercises and projects

Attendance:  Since some of the assignments for this course are completed in class (group projects), it is important that you attend class! There is no way to make up missed projects. You are allowed two unexcused absences – anymore will affect your grade by a full letter.

Fashion Week – the big 4:

  • New York:  September 6-13
  • London:  September 14-18
  • Milan:  September 19-24
  • Paris:  September 25-October 3

Assignments:  I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE ASSIGNMENTS.  You will be given a hand-out explaining each homework assignment and when it is due.  I do mark down points for poorly written, and misspelled words.  All homework assignments are to be emailed to me on or before the due date.  There are five homework assignments.

Group Projects:  You will divide into teams of 2-4 (no more than four to a team) for two group assignments.

  • The Clothes Off Your Back – be careful what you wear to class this day……. (hint, hint!)
  • Advertisement or Fashion Editorial

Exams:  There will be no mid-term exam or final exam, but you will be given a mid-term grade based upon your assignments completed to that point, and your final grade is based upon an accumulation of all your work.

Grades: Your grades will be based upon your attendance, class participation (group projects).   This class gives a letter grade using the school’s standard grading system.

If you attend class regularly, participate in all discussions and projects you should do very well in this class!

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