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Posted in Store Study Assignment by Arcadia on May 17, 2010

Another student’s Store Study Assignment:

By Divya V.

What does the store design tell you about the retailer?

Very high-end gift store.  One of the first retail stores in San Francisco.  Originally a frame shop converted into a premium gift store.  Huge tourist attraction now – shops history brings a lot of people here.  Reminded me of Liberty of London store (a huge store on Central London’s Oxford St., very popular among the rich and famous, and the tourist alike).

Describe the store’s target customer?

High-end Bay Area residents.  Tourists from all over the world.

Is the merchandise displayed in an accessible manner for the customer?

Yes, displayed beautifully all around the store.  It’s like walking in an overcrowded posh mansion of some rich fella.

Is it stock piled or more minimalist?

Neither and both.  Mostly the merchandise is displayed in a beautiful manner.  Most areas are crowded – more than visual merchandising, interior decorating techniques have been used.

Do the fixtures suit the store environment?

Yes.  Both linear and non linear.  A lot of shelves, tables, and cabinets are used throughout the store.

Is the ambience fitting for the store’s image?

Yes.  High-end store so it is purposely meant to look that way.  Even the sales persons wear suits and neckties!

Does the light highlight the merchandise?

Yes, the store is pretty well-lit and in many places mood lighting is used.

How is color used in the store?

Most places are white

Are the windows pleasing and drawing you into the store?

Windows alone may be not.  The mast lag above the store is pretty eye-catching though.  From outside the store looks like any other big store.  Easy to find on the street yet if I weren’t looking for it I would have walked past it.

If you could make any changes in the store what would they be?

Perhaps make the windows more attractive and bring some element of the history of the sore in the display itself.

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