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Group Projects: Fashion Designer

Posted in Class Group Projects, Discuss This Display, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on May 7, 2012

Hi Class:

These past two weeks I’ve been out of the office at job sites or student interviews for my summer school program in construction.  Suffice it to say I am way behind on my work – namely getting all your wonderful worked posted here!

Theme for the week these projects were completed is Fashion Designer.

Group 1 – Table (Tiffany’s)

There was a lot of discussion amongst this group on whether or not this display needed flowers.  What do you think?

Group 2 – Shelving (Betsey Johnson)

It does look like something you would see in a Betsey Johnson store!

Group 3 – Other Cubes (Tiffany’s)

The photo doesn’t capture how light and delicate this display looked.  It was really well done.

Group 4 – Wall (Jean Paul Gaultier)

The elements are there, just not the execution.  I needed bigger and bolder.

Group 5 – Cubes (Marc Jacobs)

They did a trio of cubes.  I liked this one the best.  It was great that a student hand-painted the Marc Jacobs wrapping paper to match the inside lining of the bag!

Group 6 – Window (Marc Jacobs)

Well done!

I have very little to criticize and so much to praise.  Great job students!


Group Projects: theme: Holiday

Posted in Class Group Projects, Discuss This Display, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on April 12, 2012

Now that the students have gotten their feet wet and know what to expect, I’ve noticed the displays are getting better and more detailed.

Group 1 – Other Cubes – Halloween

The photos do not do this display justice.  This was one of my favorites of the day.  Group 1 really redeemed themselves after that “ho-hum” window display from last week.  This week they pulled out all the stops!  Everything in those cubes were handmade and  done so well!  I couldn’t stop admiring this display, it was so cute.  I wish the photos really captured that.

Keep up the good work Group 1!

Group 2 – Wall – New Years Eve

This display is nice, but it didn’t “wow” me.  Clever slogan and I like the clock.  I get that it’s a New Year’s theme, but I wish they took it further and went a little over the top.  It looks unfinished to me.

Group 3 – Cubes – Mardi Gras

This group works well together and it shows in their work.  Another nice job!  My only pet peeve is how flat the tissue paper looks.  I want it to stick up out of the bag and not be pressed down against the wall of the cube.  Trim it if that’s the case.  These are the little details we visual people need to look out for.

Group 4 – Window – Folsom Street Fair

The Folsom Street Fair is not your traditional holiday, but it is a day a celebration for this community.  I allowed my students to do a display that was really sexual in nature, and somewhat controversial, as long as they kept it tasteful; which I think they did.  The window turned out great!

Group 5 – Table – New Years Eve

All the elements are there but to me there is something missing that could send this display from nice to WOW!  The table is proving to be quite a challenge for this year’s class.  The bust form with the shoes and champagne glass look great, the dresses look flat, and I don’t think the chandelier on the table was necessary, although, most of my students liked it.  My advice is to display items on tables that are meant for tables, dresses should be hung.  Do retailers do it?  Yes – but it doesn’t make it right or good!

Nice signage.

All in all, I’m happy they continue to do good, neat work!

Group 6 – Shelving – Halloween (Lucid)

It’s all about the details……

Group 6 took our old shelving unit and turned it into an armoire!

One of my students used to work for this brand, and said she could definitely see this display as an endcap for them at a grocery store!

They hand-stenciled the absinthe spoons on the wall paper – now that is attention to detail!

They used those glow sticks that club-goers wear at parties and such, to make the green liquid!

Group 6 always surprises me and makes me wish I had thought of that!

Well students it’s been another great week.  I’m looking forward to what you guys come up with for our next theme: FOOD!

For my non-students who read this blog I love your comments and do share them with the class.  Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and share your insight.



Group Projects: theme: “Green”

Posted in Class Group Projects, Discuss This Display, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on April 3, 2012

Last week in class began the presentations of group projects.  Students have been working on their designs for the past two months and will be presenting their various projects for the next month.

We have six groups and this week’s theme was “Green” (my favorite topic).  Students showcased their ideas in a window, wall, table, cubes, and shelving unit.

Group 1 – Wall

Kindle is the product Group 1 chose to feature.

I love how they displayed all the paper content behind the Kindle as a butterfly!

Nice job Group 1!

My critique: the ivy isn’t necessary at the bottom of the display, and the Kindle icon should have been bigger.

Group 2 – Cubes

“Tea” and its many uses is what Group 2 chose to display.

Group 2 did nice job on this display!

This display almost became too fussy and overly embellished, but as they continued to work on it, I’m glad they took away a lot of the flowers and edited themselves.

Group 3 – Window

Reusable bags were their product of choice.

This is a case of not going far enough.  The dress they made for the mannequin is fantastic, but the display is too one-dimensional.  I would have liked to have seen more flowers spilling out of the bags, more bags around the floor – and at different heights.

Group 4 – Table

Clever idea to showcase “Green Fashion Design Classes”, as their green product!

This display is missing so much – patterns, books, fabrics, color!  It’s better to have too much and then have to pull back, than to do too little and look like an unfinished display.

Group 5 – Shelving unit

Group 5 is displaying jewelry made by one of their teammates – Shelby S.

Great Job Group 5!

The feedback they received from me as well as the class, is the background is too dark, making the jewelry difficult to see.

Group 6 – Cubes

I am beyond upset that none of my detail shots turned out as this was an excellent display.  Everything you see in the cubes, these girls made!!!  I thought they borrowed all the props from our local Origins store, but I was wrong.  The work is clean, well-edited, and professional looking.

What are you thoughts, how do you think they did for their first week?

Discuss this Display: class group displays

Posted in Class Group Projects, Discuss This Display, Fashion 49 by Arcadia on May 4, 2010

Our class – Fashion 49 have been presenting their group displays this past few weeks.  Students were asked to present four display projects

  1. Store Window
  2. Display Cube
  3. Wall Display
  4. Table Display

Using pre-selected themes and budget of $80.00 each:

  • Pop Culture
  • “Eco-friendly”/Green
  • any Holiday
  • Music

Here are a few photos from some of the students work.  Can you determine from the display what the theme is and what “product” they are selling?

Great job Group 3!

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