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The San Francisco Giants Spring Training Store

Posted in Retail News by Arcadia on March 31, 2011
Since baseball season is upon us now, I thought this little story would be apropos:

Actually the title above SHOULD read World Series Champions!  I’m so proud of my hometown team.  I’m even prouder of one of my students!

Humberto S. approached me after class one day to let me know he was going to be absent for a couple of days.  When I asked why, he said he had to go to spring training with The San Francisco Giants to set up their fan store.  I said, “WHAT, I don’t believe you!”.  He laughed and said, seriously, he’s the visual manager for the store they set up in Scottsdale, AZ every spring training!  OF COURSE I excused him from class; The World Class Giants need to have a World Class store!

He was so eager to show me photos of how he set up the Dugout store using techniques he’s learned in class (I’m grinning from ear to ear).  Looking at the photos below see if you can spot:

  • Product Merchandising
  • Vertical Merchandising
  • Horizontal Merchandising
  • Color Blocking
  • POP

This is the before shot.  When all your merchandise arrives to your empty store space and you have the daunting task of figuring out where everything goes.  If you’ve done a Layout or Plan-o-gram, then you should have no problem!

Lots of boxes to unpack!  I see this space utilizes a slat wall system.  I hope Humberto and team don’t forget to adjust all that track lighting once the merchandise is in place.

It’s starting to look like a store……

Almost done……

Finally ready for business!

I like what you did above the cashwrap area.

Lots of product, neatly displayed

Even though it’s one big space, the store is divided into mini-departments: men, women, youth, and novelty

The Windows!

The store is located at:  7408 E Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251.  It the team five days to set the whole thing up!

Thanks Humberto for sending in these photos !  I think this was definitely worth missing class, because you can learn so much more from actual “real world” experience than anything a textbook can teach you.  You get an A for job well done!

Go Giants!

(all images via Humberto S.)

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