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Stylish Cartoons from Fashion Indie

Posted in Inspiration by Arcadia on October 6, 2010

Visual display are artists whose medium can be virtually anything.  Which means we can find inspiration anywhere and in anything, and turn it into a work of art that people will eventually want to buy.  Remember from our class lessons; it’s our job to make what the buyers buy look covetable, even if it’s not!

Which is why the link to this cartoon story on The Top 5 Most Stylish Nicktoons at Fashion Indie was downright hilarious if not true!  There are some pretty stylish cartoons and what a great place to find some inspiration for a little mannequin styling, especially now that Halloween is coming up!

Here’s a sneek peak:

Arnold, Hey Arnold! Loner. Outsider. Football head. Preppy on top — note the sweater and dress shirt combination — and a pioneer in the kilt as daywear trend on bottom. Marc Jacobs, you’re fucking welcome.

(image via: Fashion Indie)

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