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Posted in Fashion 49, Store Design by Arcadia on February 19, 2010

Store design is what unites all aspects of visual merchandising.   Before a visual merchandiser can work their magic with displays the design of the store should have at least already conveyed the message of what kind of store it is.

Everything comes into play with Store Design:  windows/interior design/fixtures/lighting

Depending on the size of your store and who you work for; the visual merchandising manager (sometimes the creative director) will work with the architect and interior designer to come up with a design scheme for the store’s image.  It is vitally important the architect has input on the visual merchandiser’s needs and requirements before a store design plan is formulated.

What Makes A Good Store Design?

-First and foremost a good store design will always show the merchandise off to its best advantage!

-Signage is clear and understandable

-Walkways are free and open

-Lighting is used well

-Fixtures are well thought out and appropriate for the merchandise

You are trying to create an ambience that is fitting for your store’s image.  Don’t hesitate to bring in specialists if needed to help you attain this; store’s often do:  Lighting Designer, Interior Decorator, etc……

Why is Store Design Important?

The design of the store helps support the brand/image/identity of the retailer.  Some retailers have a proven format that helps when opening a store – you know what you’re getting!  If a store veered too far off from their image their business could suffer.

Without even knowing the names of these two stores, I’m sure you know which ones they are simply by the store’s design:

The answer is Hollister and Hot Topic.  Two vastly different stores with two vastly different customers!  This is why store design is so important.

Store Design continued

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