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Posted in Fashion 49, Window Lessons by Arcadia on September 1, 2011

I consider myself pretty well versed in fashion and design, with lots of room for improvement and more learning.  My new book – Contemporary Visual Merchandising and Environmental Design, by Jay Diamond and Ellen Diamond, have presented me with such an opportunity!

This post is not a book review as I am still getting through it, but it has introduced me to some new terms:

  • Shape Contrast
  • Textural Contrast
  • Progression
  • Radiation
  • Unique Placement

When I looked up the meaning of all these words I knew exactly how it applied to display as we use many of these techniques in our work, I just never really had a word for it….it kind of made me laugh, but in case you are wondering here’s my summary:

Shape Contrast – incorporating a variety of shapes (duh!)

Textural Contrast – incorporating unusual or unexpected textures (ditto!)

Progression – accomplishing rhythm by incorporating the same color in various shades, or same shape in various sizes

Radiation – rhythmic movement that radiates from a central point (this leads me to believe radiation is mostly accomplished in a circular fashion)

Unique Placement – an unexpected or unique placement of an object!

Other terms I use a lot and expect my students to know are:  focal point, harmony, repetition, scale, balance (symmetrical and asymmetrical), lines, and proportion.  

I guess you could call this Unique Placement!


(image via: Winnie’s Wardrobe)



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