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Spelling Error

Posted in Learn from the Pros by Arcadia on July 26, 2011

Signage is vitally important in our line of work, and what most people new to our trade don’t realize is that it falls under our domain.  Everything from the banners hanging from the ceiling to the signs  letting you know which floor is housewares!  Not only do we have to be creative and handy, we need to be able to spell correctly as well!


I have been a fashion fiend since I could talk, which is why I love this line of work so much, but I have learned not everyone who does display is actually really crazy about fashion!   I get that for some people this is just a fun job, and they couldn’t tell you the difference from Alexander Wang to Alexander McQueen, but if you are going to play in the game you’ve got to at least know the names of the players.

Mistakes like the one above happen, and I’m sure the display person probably just got five minute case of dyslexia (it should be spelled Zegna), but it’s a good example of how paying attention to the details is important in our line of work.

I wonder how long that signage stayed like that before they fixed it?

If you want to laugh read the story accompanying the photo on Racked

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