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Blog Love: Kelly Wearstler’s My Vibe My Life

Posted in Inspiration, Just Genius by Arcadia on June 5, 2011

I haven’t done a Blog Love post in a long while.  Here’s one I hope you will find time to visit and peruse:  Kelly Wearstler’s – My Vibe My Life.  It’s no secret to anyone who knows me how obsessed I am with Kelly’s work (she is an amazing interior designer).  I own all of her books which I reference often and I think she is a true maverick in the world of design.  My heart almost stopped when I found out she was coming out with her own Ready-to-wear clothing line!!

Truth be told I could never “live” in a Kelly designed room, it really  is TOO much going on (the complete opposite of what I’m always telling my students), but you just gotta appreciate her love of bold color, graphics, and statement pieces.  You are inspired everywhere you look!

(Hillcrest Estate)

(Doheny Estate)

All photos via KellyWearstler, Inc. and MyVibeMyLife

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