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Galliano is Gone!

Posted in Just Genius by Arcadia on March 2, 2011

I have to admit I’m a little shocked that Dior actually went ahead and fired him!!!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about click here, the bad boy of fashion John Galliano has been ousted from Christian Dior.

I don’t want to debate whether he deserved it or not, as I personally think the things he said are disgusting, racism in ANY form makes me sick to my stomach.  What surprises me is that for once Fashion finally took a stand.  Fashion is the one industry that tends to turn a blind eye to some pretty offensive things and likes to use the excuse “oh it’s just fashion”, “we’re being edgy”, “fashion is suppose to be provocative” – for example: High end magazines showing editorials of models in “blackface” (many deemed this racist, yet no one got fired!).  Advertorials showing models pubic hair .  Advertorials showing model snorting “cocaine” (it was a dress made to look like drugs)

The fashion excuses are endless, but the point being, you can pretty much get away with a lot of bad behavior if you’re in fashion.  Which is why I was pretty shocked to find out Galliano actually got the boot!  I assumed the worst would be, he would not appear at this Friday’s Dior fashion show, or anywhere until the drama died down, and then issue some publicist written statement about how sorry he is, and he will be checking himself into the ubiquitous rehab, to somehow cure his alcoholic racism.

Bernard Arnault and Co. are definitely sending a message, but I can’t help but wonder if there were some other underlying issues and this was the perfect way/excuse to get rid of him?  Because no one has ever gotten fired for being bad; having a bad runway show or collection – yes, but bad behavior – no! I think part of Galliano’s crime is that he got caught on camera, because he is not the only one to have committed such a shameful act while working in fashion, nor do I believe he will be the last.

If fashion wants to fire Galliano for being a racist that’s fine – but what about all the others, those who won’t let you in their stores if you are a certain color, follow you around if you are ethnic, the non-diversity on the catwalks, the lightening of ethnic models skin color and claiming it was the lighting at the shoot…..Fashion is the one playground where you can be bad, haughty, and supercilious and get paid.

I wish John the best and I hope he gets the help he needs.  Fashion is a very forgiving mistress and upon his inevitable return I’m sure we will be singing his creative praises once again as if nothing ever happened.

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