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Posted in Class Group Projects by Arcadia on February 24, 2011

There have been some changes to the Group Projects:

We now have 5 groups

The display themes are:

  • Green
  • Holiday
  • Movie
  • Fashion Designer
  • Music

(Pop culture has been eliminated at the class’ request)

You will now only have five surfaces to complete:

  • Wall
  • 2 Large Cubes
  • Window
  • Table
  • Shelving Unit

For privacy and safety reasons I will not be listing student names for each group, ask me in class if you have forgotten which group you are in.  The group assignments are as follows:

April 2 – #1 Wall , #2 Cubes, #3 Window, #4 Table, #5 Shelving (Green)

April 9 – #1 Shelving, #2 Wall, #3 Cubes, #4 Window, #5 Table (Holiday)

April 16 – #1 Table, #2 Shelving, #3 Wall, #4 Cubes, #5 Window (Movie)

April 23 – #1 Window, #2 Table, #3 Shelving, #4 Wall, #5 Cubes (Fashion Designer)

April 30 – #1 Cubes, #2 Window, #3 Table, #4 Shelving, #5 Wall (Music)

Please remember in addition to decorating according to the theme of the week, you must also choose the “product” you are selling.

Let me know if you have any questions!

See you in class……

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  1. […] class has begun to settle into their groups and begin brainstorming on their group projects, as mentioned here.  The themes for the visual displays they will be creating […]

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