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Fashion Meets Architecture at Harrods

Posted in Nonpareil Windows by Arcadia on August 28, 2010

Visual merchandising is and always will be a place where fashion and art collide, and the window designs currently being showcased at Harrods in London is a great example of this, except in this case fashion meets architecture.  The pairing is fitting, since many designers have also been playfully described as architects, because of their clean lines, and contemporary aesthetic.

On August 25th, Harrods collaborated with JUSTSO, a visual communication agency; and turned their world-famous Knightsbridge windows into a visual tour de force of the globe’s most stunning architecture!  The world’s iconic architecture has joined with the world’s iconic fashion brands.

I love how these windows are clean, simple and very unfussy.  Novice visual display artists tend to think more is better, yet that can distract you away from the merchandise, which is suppose to be the primary purpose of the display.  In the photos above, the architecture “props” give enough visual interest to draw you into the window, which is the ultimate goal for any window designer.

Thanks to Patrick McAleenan for sending in these photos

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