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Christmas Window Planning

Posted in Window Lessons by Arcadia on August 19, 2010

One of the things that shock most of my new students is how early stores start planning Christmas windows.  When I tell them some start as soon as the current year’s window are installed (basically a year in advance) they don’t believe me.  It’s true!  In fact if you haven’t figured out what your Winter Holiday windows are going to look like, you might be too late.

When I worked for a big store our Christmas trucks (as we called them) would start arriving in October.  They held all the decorations we needed to decorate the store.  Management wanted our displays done by October.  So, in order to have trucks arrive by October filled with props and such; this meant the visual design team would have had to design what the look and theme was going to be months in advance, so all the materials could be ordered and delivered to the stores by October.

(oh by the way, we as the trimmers would agree: having Xmas displays up before Halloween is too much)

So take this as a gentle reminder to get on the ball and start planning your holiday windows so you’re not left just throwing anything in your windows like this:

With proper planning and time you could do this:

(image via: redbubble.com)

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