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Little MissMatched is a little unneccessary

Posted in Retail News by Arcadia on May 4, 2010

There is a new retail store that has opened in Anaheim, CA called Little MissMatched.  When I saw the photos on VMSD’s website I was intrigued to find out more about this retailer.

It is a brand that is now going retail.  They target the ‘tween demographic, who they feel will come to their store to purchase accessories that they can mix-up (never to be matched) however they choose.  The store is cute and colorful and I believe will definitely attract it’s target market, but I have to ask is it really necessary?

Haven’t young girls been mismatching socks, earrings, barrettes, even shoes (my friends and I use to wear one pink and one purple Converse sneaker), and everything else since the beginning of time?  Do they really need a store to tell them what, and how to do, what they have already been doing with their friends?  I find nothing new or innovative about this store idea, all I see is a bunch of girls on MySpace grumbling, “hey we had this idea years ago.” But I get it times are tough and people will do whatever it takes to make a buck.

In my opinion, the whole point and fun of mixing up and having that “eccentric” vibe is because you are breaking the rules in fashion and going against the establishment.  Tweens aren’t the only ones who do this, if that were the case, vintage stores and the Olsen twins wouldn’t be as popular as they are and perfect examples of the do as you please mantra.

Fashion mavericks don’t want pre-packaged rebellion, that defeats the point!

(image via Newsweek)

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