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Kitson’s Window Diss Display!

Posted in Nonpareil Windows, Retail News by Arcadia on May 4, 2010

It looks like a war of words have been taken to the windows.  RadarOnline is reporting, Hollywood boutique Kitson is in a feud with tv personality Jillian Barberie, and is using their store windows as their “weapon” of choice.  The windows feature some text graphics letting the shopper know what is In and what is Out!


  1. Dorothy Lucey (Jillian’s co-host)
  2. Floral
  3. Military Chic
  4. Clogs
  5. Tribal


  1. Jillian Barberie
  2. See #1
  3. See #1
  4. See #1
  5. See #1

Ooooh, what a complete diss!  So what started the feud?  Apparently Jillian has been promoting her friend’s store and told viewers to go to that website before going to Robertson’s Blvd. in order to save time.  The owner of Kitson (which is on Robertson Blvd.) took this as a diss to all the stores on Robertson’s.  You can click here to read the entire story

(image via RadarOnline)

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