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The Archive

Posted in Store Study Assignment by Arcadia on April 7, 2010

Another great student store study:

The Archive (San Francisco)

By Shannon L.

What does the store design tell you about the retailer?

Most exciting and cutting edge boutique for men.  Straight from the runways of Paris and Milan, and the ateliers of Tokyo.  The Archive was always sort of a golden oasis; a shining exemplar of discretion and simplicity in a city so consumed by consumerism that good stores are often left on the wayside in favor of something bigger, something brighter, and something of much more marginal quality.

Describe the store’s target customer?

Definitely a must for fashionable guys with an edge!  If you want to look good without looking like everybody else then this is the store for you.

Is the merchandise displayed in an accessible manner for the customer?

I felt compelled to write a study since their recent buys have been absolutely stellar: the first pieces from Rick Owens, Label Under Construction, Devoa, Nice Collective and N. Hollywood have just arrived.  If you’re in the market for a suit, I would heartily recommend trying on the N. Hollywood tropical-weight wool, two button suit.  The incredible eye for detail that these guys have shows in that selection alone.  The buyers have refined taste and it shows.  Europe, Japan, and the US are well represented.

Is it stock piled or more minimalist?


Do the fixtures suit the store environment?

Superior fit, quality fabrics, artisan workmanship, keen style, personalized service, pleasant shopping experience.

How is color used in the store?

The color palette is very SF (San Francisco), that is the colors are muted and are usually dark (or white).  The styles reflect an urban lifestyle and fall more to the classic than the trendy.  Coats are beautiful.  Jeans are unique.  The shoe selection is small but well-chosen and the jewelry is fun/cool.

Are the windows pleasing and drawing you into the store?

See photo

If you could make changes in the store what would they be?

The Archive can treat you, try engaging them in a genuine conversation about clothing, how things fit, how things are fabricated, who makes them, what fabrics are used, where are they sourced?  Unlike pushy sales people at other stores, they actually know and love every single one of their products and are more concerned with you getting what you want than them getting a sale.

Men of San Francisco, I beg you to come and to tap into your true fashion potential.

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