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Store Design – cont’d

Posted in Fashion 49, Store Design by Arcadia on February 19, 2010

So we’ve discussed what is store design and why it is so important.  Now let’s look at how it all comes together.  You’ve fond the spot of where you wish to open your store but how do you turn your dream location into your ideal store.  Like all construction you begin with the architect or a designer.  This individual will work with the store owner in coming with a concept fitting to the owner’s ideas.  I wouldn’t just pick any random person out of the phone book.  I would look around first at other stores and research who did want.  It’s no different from hiring an architect to design your dream home, like residential design, architects in commercial work also have a signature style.

Be prepared with as much information as possible to give to your designer, especially in regards to what kind of merchandise will be sold!  You wouldn’t exactly want an architect to design a store interior with lots of sharp, square, pointy, edges in a monochromatic color scheme if you are selling children clothes and toys!

Don’t forget to discuss the forgotten area:  stockrooms, dressing rooms, office space, and the cash register. So often we focus on the “outside look” of the store we forget about the inner workings.  These areas are your store’s backbone and you need to make sure you allocate space for them.  I had a client once who was so focused on her merchandise and fixtures she forgot to carve out a space for the cash wrap area.  Since it was a high-end home furnishings store I assumed she was going to use her office desk to make the sales transaction.  That was not what she had in mind, she had wanted an actual cash wrap area, but had failed to tell me to put it in the design.  I too take responsibility for not asking.  A lesson learned for both of us!

Based on the store design alone, can you name this store?

The Process

  • The architect prepares the concepts or ideas for the owner to approve or change
  • Once the concept has been approved the architect will start working with you on floor plans, layout, timelines, and budget
  • The architect may also suggest building contractors, and help oversee the whole project
  • Some stores have an in-house team that does all the designing and building and some stores hire outside consultants

It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to have a good design.  Some of the most creative spaces had very limited budgets.  Resources and imagination come into play, which is why we chose this field in the first place!  Independent stores can certainly take more risks than chain and department stores. Remember the main purpose of store design is to showcase the merchandise!

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