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Anthropologie, a store like no other

Posted in Nonpareil Windows by Arcadia on February 19, 2010

I have given my students a Store Study assignment. They are to visit various establishments and answer questions based on the principles of visual merchandising.  This assignment is to be turned in weekly.  Anthropologie is one of those stores where many of my students have chosen to complete this assignment.  So many, that I have imposed a moratorium on that store!  Only for the sake of this assignment.

But I can understand why so many of my students are drawn to it.  It is beautiful work done well.  I am always inspired by the work of their display artists.  Everything forms a cohesive story: the store design, merchandise, even the catalogs, it’s no wonder they have such a devoted loyal following of design aficionados who love the store just for the store alone.  That is what every retailer wants.

I would encourage you to take a stroll through one of their establishments if you get a chance.  They are a classic example of what you can do with a little money and a lot imagination!

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