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What is Visual Merchandising

Posted in Fashion 49 by Arcadia on February 12, 2010

We have all been under the spell of the visual merchandiser, we just didn’t know it!

  • If you ever stood in line waiting to pay for something and unconsciously picked up an item to either look at or throw in your basket you have been under its spell.
  • If you have ever walked by a table full of merchandise then stopped to pick it up, you have been under its spell.
  • If you have ever walked by a store and a display or focal point caught your eye so much that you walk into the store, you have been under its spell.

That is the job of the window dresser, fashion stylist, trimmer, or visual merchandiser to create something so eye-catching – it draws you in!

Window dressers or display artists use to mainly deal with the stores windows.  It was (and I think still is) an envied position, that required a large budget and lots of talent.  Although our budgets have shrunk the talent requirement has not.

Retailers began to realize that the interiors of their stores where just as important, if not more so, than the windows, hence, these artists were brought “inside” to create visual interest throughout the store – and the visual merchandiser was born.

Visual merchandisers don’t just style mannequins and add a prop here and there.  They are a part of a collective design team, that can also include the buyers, fashion directors, creative directors, marketing, and store management.  It is their job to make the store look good.  It is a well-respected job and a much sought after talent, don’t believe me?  Go visit a stores one afternoon, and this time pay attention to the displays, lighting, and fixtures.  I’m sure the word horrible will cross your mind more than once!

Visual merchandisers provide more than just a service of arranging merchandise, they also offer inspiration!

(Store: Anthropologie NYC)

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